Planting Trees

Protect the community’s water resources, soil and biodiversity.


We Generate Synergy

Through a joint State – Community – Company model, we help improve the landscape of the region; we capture carbon and generate rural employment through the establishment of community nurseries and planting on land belonging to the municipality.


A Greener Planet

We plant native species for environmental protection and high technical standards, which also generate a high impact on nearby communities.

The CO2 Neutrall Seal

Give the label of neutrality to your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) offsets and improves the potential of its communication.


Communicate Neutrality

Complement the planting of conTREEbute trees with the purchase of Verified Emission Bonds (VEBs) and receive the CO” Neutral Seal to include in your communications.


Include the CO2 Neutrall Seal

With the CO2 Neutrall Seal, you can express the action of offsetting your CO2 footprint more directly and simply.

Compensating Environmental Impacts

Define your compensation actions in line with the compliance of local, regional and national environmental goals.


Step by step

  • Document review of environmental liabilities
  • Cooperation with the CAR (Regional Autonomous Corporations, the regional environmental agencies)
  • Identification of the areas where compensation is to be executed
  • Construction of compensation plans according to the “Handbook for the Allocation of Offsets due to the Loss of Biodiversity”
  • Accompaniment in obtaining approval of the plan with environmental authorities
  • Execution


Execute your compensation plans to comply with your obligations, imposed from licenses and environmental permits.

Bioguard (Bioguarda)

Restore and maintain strategic ecosystems, improving your services and activating local economies with decent work, offering environmental education to the population and ensuring environmental rights to future generations.


Together for Restoration

Through close accompaniment to organizations, we support the definition of the structure of the report, indicators, data collection and we compile and edit a version of the sustainability report.


We Conserve Our Patrimony

Communicate sustainability management using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 methodology and the basics of the Integrated Report.